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What is Bruxism?

When it comes to dental issues, there are a number of things that someone can suffer from. One of the most common issues that our dentist deals with, though, is Bruxism which is also known as teeth grinding.

This issue is common and with some information from one of our dental experts, anyone can understand it. Bruxism is the process by which a person grinds their teeth, usually in their sleep, to the ill effects of their teeth. This issue is a fairly common occurrence and can often be attributed to ill-fitting teeth and stress.

Unfortunately, your teeth may become cracked, badly damaged or have damaged dental crowns.

Bruxism/Teeth Grinding Solutions

In a lot of cases, the best and least expensive way to treat Bruxism is to fit a night guard to the teeth. Night guards are mouth guards that help to keep teeth from coming in contact with one another and ultimately helps to protect the teeth while you sleep.

In most cases of Bruxism where teeth grinding has been consistent for a few years, it may be necessary to first repair the teeth, which can be done at our dental office. This may include filling, capping and even removal of the impacted teeth to help ensure that the mouth and remaining teeth are in the best shape possible.

After the teeth are repaired, it is necessary to fit a night guard that is specific to the mouth of the individual. Though you can buy mouth guards in stores, it is best to get a guard that is specific to the mouth of the user so one can get the most comfort out of it. By choosing a fitted night guard, you can ensure that the guard does not slip, that it does not move at night and that the teeth are adequately protected which can help stop the grinding.

Another common treatment is to have your teeth filed to better fit to reduce the feeling that teeth do not fit properly. Lastly, you can also undergo stress therapy to figure out why you grind your teeth.