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What is a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are specially made fixed partial dentures. They physically bridge the gap between missing teeth, and by doing so can help restore dental functionality as well as oral health.

Although the replacement teeth that are used in dental bridges can be made from many materials – including gold and silver silver amalgam – they are most frequently constructed from porcelain in order to match the natural color of the teeth as closely as possible.

The procedure for installing dental bridges starts with our dentist performing a thorough examination on the patient in question. During the course of this inspection, our dentist usually makes impressions of the patient’s teeth with a special material. This special impression is sent to a lab that creates a prosthetic from the sample.

While the permanent prosthetic is being formed at the lab, our dentist will usually fit a temporary bridge in order to protect the gums and teeth in the interim. Once the permanent bridge has been received, our dentist will install it and make sure that it sits correctly in place.

4 Benefits of a Dental Bridge

1. Improve Speaking and Chewing
Anyone who has ever lost a tooth knows how difficult it can be to chew food afterwards. It can also be difficult to speak properly in the event of tooth loss. Dental bridges rectify this situation by restoring the ability to effectively chew food and they can help to restore diction and overall quality of life.

2. Keep Teeth from Shifting
When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth often shift toward the open space. This weakens the other teeth, and if left unchecked can result in additional tooth loss. Dental bridges fill the space and prevent this process from even beginning.

3. Maintains Facial StructureTeeth are not only useful for chewing food, but also help to provide structure for the rest of the face. Missing teeth can compromise this structure, causing irregularities in the look of the individual’s face. Dental bridges help to restore the structure of the face, and also the individual’s original looks.

4. Restores The Smile
TMissing teeth can affect a person’s smile. Dental bridges replace missing teeth and are generally made of materials that resemble existing teeth. Because of this, they have the unique ability to restore the smile.