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The Importance of Dental Visits for Your Family

The health of your child’s baby teeth can affect your child’s adult teeth in the future.

It is hard enough to get kids to brush their teeth on a regular basis, let alone sit for a dentist visit. That being said, it is essential that you bring your children to have regular dental check-ups with us at our office. We strive to make each one of your visits as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

There are plenty of reasons for this and many of them may not be completely obvious. Rotting gums, tooth decay and bad dental hygiene at an early age can affect the formation and health of adult teeth, which will lead to more work on your children's teeth than necessary.

Regular dental visits for your child will help reduce anxieties about our dentist, reduce the likelihood your child will need excessive dental work in their future and increase the ease of losing baby teeth.

Treatments in Family Dentistry

There are a few different treatments that your family may have to undergo when visiting our office.Though you may not need all the treatments that are offered, a few may be necessary.

Cleaning – The first and most common, of course, is cleaning. This means removing any dirt, tartar or plaque that may have built up since the last visit. Fortunately, most insurances cover two cleanings a year!

X-Rays – The second most common treatment is x-rays. These can help detect issues with adult teeth and with bones early on so that they can be addressed before too much damage is caused.

Fillings – Another common treatment at our office is fillings. This procedure requires a small hole that is drilled in the tooth to remove the decay. The hole is then filled with porcelain or metal to keep it clean and sealed off from further decay.