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Root Canals Unmasked

One of the most vital parts of the human body, and also the most full of bacteria, are our teeth. People will take varied measures to keep their teeth healthy, such as the root canal procedure.

The procedure involves the removal of the infected part of the root canal of any tooth. The root is cleaned and to prevent it from re-infection, normal tooth filling is performed.

People normally need root canal surgery if the tooth becomes infected after an injury, when it decays or when a tooth’s nerve tissue is exposed.

Why consider undergoing Root Canal?

Root canal is a very delicate procedure with some gum intrusion. First, the anesthetic is applied to reduce pain and then the infected pulp is surgically removed. These together with any particles are cleaned off and drained. The now exposed root canal is then cleaned using surgical fluids and prepped to be filled. Our dentist then applies a temporary filler while allowing the tooth to cool. Often times, a dental crown is used to protect and strengthen the tooth that was previously infected.

There are many benefits that accrue after a root canal including more effective chewing, reduced tooth sensitivity and the biting force returns to normal. Also, the procedure will protect an individual’s other teeth from excessive strain and consequent wear. After some time, the teeth will regain their natural appearance.

This means that root canal allows a person to go back to or continue eating their favorite foods while reducing the need for continuous dental visits. The procedure gives people the ability to maintain their natural smile and reduces the embarrassment from decaying and dark teeth. The root canal procedure helps people maintain a healthy set of teeth for a long time.