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Root Canals Unmasked

Wisdom tooth extraction involves surgically removing your wisdom teeth from your mouth while you are under general anesthesia. Wisdom teeth are also commonly known as your third molars.

Most people have four wisdom teeth, but some people may not have any at all. You may have some questions as to why you need your wisdom teeth removed.

It is important to have your wisdom teeth removed for the following reasons:

  • Limited space for all teeth plus wisdom teeth
  • Wisdom teeth can lead to infection
  • Wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to shift
  • Jaw pains

Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

Being put under a general anesthetic will allow the you to relax and to not have to be awake and conscious during the procedure. This will take off a lot of stress and anxiety from the individual about the whole process.

Step 1: The first step in the wisdom teeth removal procedure is to put the patient under a general anesthetic. A general anesthetic will make the patient fall asleep throughout the whole surgery.

Step 2: After the patient is asleep and numb, our dental surgeon will proceed to open up the gums. By opening up the gums, our dental expert can then see if there is any bone that needs to be removed before continuing with extracting the teeth.

Step 3: Next, our dental surgeon will remove the tissue that connects the bone and the tooth. They may pull the entire tooth, or they may cut the tooth into smaller pieces that will be easier to remove from your mouth.

Step 4: Our dental surgeon will then stitch up your gums if necessary. These stitches will usually dissolve within a few days.